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About All Shores Travel



All Shores Travel is part of an enormous network of travel agents working together to help people plan and book their dream vacations. As an affiliate of Travel Quest, All Shores Travel has access to hundreds of travel suppliers all around the world.  This makes it possible to offer its customers an almost unlimited array of vacation opportunities. Although All Shores Travel specializes in cruises and all-inclusive resort vacations, we are not limited to those products. Whether you're looking for a cruise, airline tickets, car rental, accommodations, or the whole package, All Shores Travel has you covered. But first, and foremost is customer service. There are hundreds of travel agencies that can book your trip, even online booking engines where you can book it yourself; but All Shores Travel wants to give its customers more than a vacation, it wants to give its customers an experience of a lifetime! 



Most people think a travel agency's services are to simply book travel. That's only a very small piece of it. All Shores Travel services go far beyond booking your trip. Researching destinations, finding the best supplier, and planning incredible vacations is the biggest part of what I do. The services offered by All Shores Travel can include anything from travel planning to assisting a client with obtaining a passport. However, exceeding customer expectations is the number one service provided by All Shores Travel.



While working with All Shores Travel, I want you to be completely happy with your experience. I go beyond just booking your trip, I make sure you know exactly what to expect while traveling and what to expect when you reach your destination. If you have questions about me, my services, or even travel tips, get in touch! I hope you continue to book with me for many years to come.

Meet the Owner


Paula Rowe

A passion for travel is what prompted me to open the doors of All Shores Travel. Having traveled to many world destinations and experienced various cultures, I always enjoyed sharing my travel stories upon returning home in hopes of inspiring others to explore the world for  themselves. It then occurred to me that I could do more than just inspire, I could actually help others make world travel a reality. So I started a career doing what I love, Travel Planning.

I am an active member of Cruise Lines International Association and The American Society of Travel Advisors. Both of these organizations expose me to numerous educational opportunities and keep me informed with industry news that enables me to provide excellent service to my clients. 

I have spent more than 8,000 hours researching various travel suppliers and world destinations. I am a Verified Travel Advisor through The American Society of Travel Advisors, a Certified Leisure Travel Specialist through Travel Leaders Network, and a Certified Cruise Counselor through Cruise Lines International Association. I am constantly updating my knowledge of the travel industry so I can provide my clients with the best possible travel experience. 

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